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My bisque kiln is going; tomarrow I'll glaze in the morning.

I'm still dealing with words, phases, verses and such. This is kind of a profound thing I'm dealing with I just thought today since I have so much trouble expressing myself sometimes. Yet another aspect of dyslexsia is not being able to find the right word that fits the defination you are looking for when speaking. My mind will be thinking one thing and my mouth will say another. I of course am more aware of this than I think other people are. I loose my thoughts a lot when I'm lectureing or recalling a story to someone. When ever I am in a heated argument, I get flustered and can't say what I'm really thinking or feeling. This has really come to the fore front of my being since I've been married and haveing a son that is so verbal. ( and a husband that is an excellant debater).

So....putting the written work on my work may be a way of getting this all out of my system. As I was loading my kiln and looking over the work I had written on, it seemed to me that this is a phase. Not an aspect of my work that will stay around to long, atleast I don't think it will.

Here are two vases. Both of these have lyric's on them from a Glen Campball song of all things. Witchita Lineman is a song from my childhood and there is a phase in the song that says, " I need you more than want you. And I want you for all time"( corny maybe...). It was'nt until a few years ago that when I heard a remake of that song by Michelle Shock that I really understood that phase a bit better now that I have relied on someone other than a family member for the last 13 years. Its bites and pieces of phases and quotes that I'm drawn too. We'll see what happens!

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chaetoons said...

Heck Jen
That happens to me all the time and i don't have dyslexsia! I'll be thinking one thing and hear myself say something entirely different; get stuck mid-sentence for the rest of the words completely flew away; and in a heated argument (as well as at other times of discussions with strangers) can't remember well-known names, nor well-known facts. Plus, i'm quite shy so often, when trying to talk to a group of strangers, the first letter of the next word backs itself up and starts this word while the beginning letter of this word jumps to start the next. (i.e.: a towering building would be a bowering tuilding). People look at me ever so strangely when that happens.
Good luck with your worded pottery!