Good Photo's

I was looking at so many blogs the other day and really relized how the photo's of my work do not show off what my pots really look like. Since I don't have a great digital camera I will just have to keep posting what I can for now. I did just get some great photo's taken of my work and before I wouldn't have wasn't the time to try and down load these but today they popped up in 1 minute flat. ( We are so amazed by this new toy we have!!)
Here are things I have shown in differant stages or have spoken of.

Twin vases with Amber and green glaze.

Flower block with feet.

Dinner plates with raw clay showing on the edge and orange slip on part of the design, this is also raw clay showing through. I've been trying to do this on more and more things to get ready for the interduction of the soda kiln. ( If we ever get the money together to get it totally hooked up to the propane tank.)
Here are some drinking cups. I love this photo~


John "little like sand" said...

Love the little feet and arms on the twins. You also have great handle designs.

Becky said...

Yay! Jen, I'm so glad you've now got lightning-fast, hair-burning speed. 'Coz now it'll be easier for you to post/upload and we'll be able to see more of your work.

I love your glaze palette!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Pots!
Fantastic Photos!