Planning out new things

Whenever we sit down to a meal I always seem to have three veggie's/fruits that the kids need to try and "eat". Lately since we get a lot of resistance as to what we put on their plate, I've been trying the approuch of letting them decide which "good thing" they would like to choose.( Of course I just stick a dinnerplate out in the middle of the table with various things on it.) I've often thought that a serving dish with several little compartments would be a good thing for a family such as ours with three picky eater. I've been working this piece out in my head for awhile and in previous years attempted something like this.

Before Christmas someone gave me the idea of combining the thrown pieces together the way I do my twin vases. Here is what I started to just play with the other night. This is in very raw form and I also did also sketch of it my book one day waiting for the kids. We'll see if next week I can't push this into an actual new piece for me.

Here is a mug by Mark Peters and one by myself. I made Joey and the kids each there own mug for Valentine's day. This one has a little sketch of Joey on it with a Beetle's song verse written on the bottom. ( Its kind of hard to see......)


John "little like sand" said...

Interesting concept. Three linked circles. The family, earth/water/air, holy trinity.
OK, I know it`s serving pieces, but it makes me think. Very nice.

Jen Mecca said...
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Jen Mecca said...

Yah John..I'm not that deep. More like peas, beans and apple slices was more in my thought process. But hey..whatever works! Jen

John "little like sand" said...

I tend to see symbolism everywhere. But then peas, beans and apple slices work too. Fried apples with cinnnamon. You win!