Christmas parade

( Here are Yorks finest, the walmart check out clerks with there carts in our parade!)

The annual York Christmas parade was today. I have taken the kids to this since Quaid was 1. I mostly go because I get a kick out of small town parade. Last year they most of the Walmart cashiers where in it pushing there carts all decked out in tinsel and stuff. I had to clap for them because I visit Walmart pretty much about 5 times a week. Its the only place in town to buy really anything so I have no choice. I have to say, for the most part all the check out people are really nice! There are always lots of Home coming Queens and stuff like that. This year there where lots of Town honors that the group I was with all thought to be interesting. Stuff like "Citizen of the town". I'm curious how one applies for that and who votes. Anyways, I'll get some photo's up here as soon as I can. Lots of good "Red Hat" ladies that posed for shots. The kids loved it and the rumpled Santa at the end of the parade didn't matter to my little girls. On the way home Aydan said he got into his red car and drove home after the parade.


Ron said...

Hey, I had a customer in last week who was telling me about a Christmas parade in some small town in the mid west. The town and parade were both so small that the 'parade' just lined up on the main street and the people all walked around it. Ha! I thought that was great. Wouldn't it be funny to see the homecoming queen, and mayor, and Santa all sitting there in their cars or floats or whatever while the towns people walked around them. Then you could see your favorite parts twice!

Jen Mecca said...

Mary Anna was "Grand Duchess" in the parade one year. Boy did we tease her about that. Next time you see her you'll have to ask her. Quaid and I got to ride on a float one year with a bunch of other mothers. Pretty much you just have to call up the town hall, make an organization name and your set! Those floats just travel from town to town and change signs. Would'nt it be weird to say your profession was "float driver".