Cleaning is good

I finally got out to my studio today and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. Joey even put up more plastic so I have an extra layer around the windows to keep me warm. It was suppose to be a cold winter this year but so far I think its been pretty mild. I was out there today looking at the one sheet of plastic hanging up thinking, should I put more up????And then I thought as soon as I decide not to , we'll have the coolest January/February ever. Now it will most likely stay in the 60's but better safe than freezing! Besides cleaning I also re-arranged my set up to give me a little different view when I'm throwing. I also put down a new sheet of linoleum to keep the floor nice and clean and covered. In our last house I use to throw what was the laundry room and needless to say the amount of clay that had to be scraped up was unbelievable ( and I was not the one left to do it because Quaid was only 5 months old so I got to go stay at my mom's while "you-know-who" got left cleaning the house.) SOOOOOOOOO this time I swore I would put something down since I do throw on a screened in porch that one day someone may like to use!

Well, Happy New Year to you all. We are both off to bed early. I've never been one to really enjoy New Years I have to admit. I'd rather watch a movie in bed while enjoying some twizzlers and popcorn.

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