Did I say the 28th I'd get back to work????

Guilt, guilt, guilt , guilt...........................Yes, here it is and there are tumble weeds with porcelain dust blowing through my studio. I'm just having to much fun organizing my house( I never thought I'd ever say that in a million years) not to much just hanging out with out a care in the world! My sister and her family are here visiting so today my sister, mom and I went and returned some stuff and had Chinese food. We can never do stuff like this with all the kids around so it was a treat. We were going to take all the kids up to the mountains to go "tubbin" but there's no snow so..............Hopefully soon!

I have been thinking a lot about what I'm going to do in the new year pottery wise. Of course my kiln project is the first on my mind but I've decided my plan this year is to revise and make better some items I made this past year that needed a bit of "tweaking". IE. My twins vases, flower blocks, candle holders and I'm always working on my cruets and trays. I'm also going to focus on those big vases I started doing last year. They seemed to be a hit, those that came out and I took to shows. I don't feel like I want to throw to much new into my mix so I can start to really establish a good body of MY WORK. Of course I say this now but I'm sure I'll get a itch to try something new or I'll get bored and off I'll go away from my plan. Maybe I'll write it out really big on a piece of paper and hang it in my studio to keep my on track. Someone remind me of this later down the line when I'm off talking about all the new things I'm trying!!!

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