Friends are awesome

I had one of my best friends come visit this weekend and we had a blast. I meant to write awhile ago about my best friend from high school that came up to visit me as well( but of course, I lost that train of thought at the time). Boy, friends are just so important especially those that know you so well or that you have known for a long time. Both these gals have seen me through a lot and we have had some awesome laughs. Both are also childless so it is always interesting to see how they act around my kids. Of course I have to admit I enjoy the constant praise they give me for doing all that I do. My friend Laurel and I where having a good laugh this weekend about how we should go on the show "wife swap". Of course we came to the conclusion that I would basically have a vacation and she would run screaming back home.

We went out to eat at Joey's favorite restaurant called "Table" in the Balentine area and then went to see "Running with Scissors" at the fancy movie theater there. Boy was that a good film, sad and funny at the same time. Annette Benning should get a nomination for that role. The next day we enjoyed a very fun make over at South Park in a Swanky department store( I've never done this before) and then we saw Monty pythons Spamalot. It was wonderful. So needless to say, I had a fantastic weekend! I am enjoying my December this year so far and only two more weeks until Christmas...I can not believe it!! Its Joey's turn next for a little friend break, he also needs it and is much deserving of it after this weekend of nothing but kids and women cackling.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Mecca,

I am so jealous, I need a girly weekend. You are always welcome to come and experience what it is like to live in a Star Spangled Hell Hole (as Chuck and I refer to it). We could go to Dollywood and dinner theater at the Black Bear Jamboree. We could eat fudge and funnel cakes until we pop! I ran across some pictures from G-vegas that I am going to scan and e-mail you. As for make overs. I have never attempted the make-up counters. I went with a friend once in High School. She had been given a gift certificate for the Lancome counter. I witnessed her transformation from a natural beauty to a cheap Dallas whore. Of course this was the 80's when the eye make-up must be applied by the ten gallon drum. I think that memory has always made me avoid the make-up pushers in dept. stores. I am sure you all had a great time with it (although I really don't think you need much help.) Seriously later this spring you should consider a Pigeon Forge vacation.

Jen Mecca said...

I think I'm going to need you here! How in the world am i going to get this kiln built with just Joey and myself. YIKES. I'll take care of Eli and you and Chuck can instruct anyone I can gather up to build this thing. I"m scared to death!!

Next year I'll be 40, believe me, i need the make-up help these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, Congrats on taking some time for yourself. The movie and play sounds great, I'll pass on the make over but could use a good back wax. That kiln is going to be a piece of cake, that is if you can get permission from the city or pull it off without them knowing. The building of the thing will be no problem, I'll come help. Reading Amy e's post made me nalstalgic for my summer spent at Arrowmont, ahh fresh taffy and fudge. Trying to get down the sidewalk but being blocked by families with triple wide strollers and a child in each hand. The best part was the pizza and beer at the micro brewery way up the strip. I wonder if it's still there??

Scott Smith said...


Don't know much about building a kiln. Well actually, it would be more appropriate to say I know nothing about building a kiln. I'd be happy to offer my assistance if you need a completely inexperienced novice. Just let me know when if you need an extra pair of hands.


Jen Mecca said...

We wemt to that beer place when I was there last summer. Great pizza.

Now stop scareing me with all the talk about getting the Ok from the town of York. I need to put another call into Salena about her kiln experiance with them!

Scott, thanks for your offer but I don't know if Debi would let you help me this spring until the grass was cut. Hahaahahhahha