Here is a photo of the fairy house I spoke of a few entries back. I've helped Quaid with them in the past-its such a good use of the imagination. We use to get little toy cars and stuff like that to put in them but then is friends Wils told him that only natural stuff needed to go into the houses or the fairy's wouldn't come. So to make a long story short, Quaid told me this time that I needed to let him do it because he knew what the fairy's liked!

Here's a photo of my studio cat Clayton. Yes she is named Clayton because she use to like to lick my recycled clay when she was a kitten( which of course kind of freaked me out). I still catch her some days getting a bit of water from my clay buckets( Yuck!!) I say this because she's my hunter so I'm never sure what may have touched her little tongue last. She really loves her home. She's the kind of cat that does not stray away to often so I guess as nutty as she is, she's ours and will always be a clay cat.

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