I have been meaning to put some photo's up of cups that I really liked from the Charlie Cummings Cup show that I was in. I thought Pete Pinell (sp) did a really good job of finding some very interesting cups. I only posted my favorite on here and of course they where all functional but there where some that where not and I always really appreciate those as well because I always wonder how those ceramic artist make a living off of just sculptural things. ( Really the most likely make a lot more money than I do now that I think about!) Anyways, If you haven't gone on line to check the show out its still up until January 6th I believe. I also apologize for not putting the names of potters with the cups. I have dial up and just to go through all the cups took forever the other night and I got lazy.

Boy, now that this show I coming down soon I need to get on the ball and start applying to some more really soon!!

My kids are out making mud pies. Quaid, of course, is heading up the operation being the boss.( I have the busiest kids I think). The weather is getting colder which I'm happy about. It just gets me down to have Christmas when it is 70 degrees outside. ( I grew up in upstate NewYork so I really long for snow at Christmas time.) If I don't get on here before Monday, have a great Christmas. Jen

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