Just hanging out

I told myself I was going to blow off the entire night and go to bed super early, but I could not get away from the computer...Once again. We have dial up so I know I could cut down on a lot of wasted time sitting here waiting for stuff to come up but I'm to cheap to spend the extra money on high speed. One day.

My bowls for my friend Scott came out really good. Joey loved them so I guess that means I should put them into my regular group of things to make. I've been having a lot of last minute shoppers this year, which I always welcome. My shelves are pretty empty so I know I got to get cracking right at the first of the year. I've all ready have a list of special orders to get going on plus a show in Feb.

The first of January I'm going to be doing a hands on workshop with Julia Galloway. She sent out an email to all of us today which seemed very promising. I'm doing the workshop with my friend Amy Sanders so I'm sure we'll have fun.

Quaid has had back to back doctors appointments this week plus I'm still shopping. Of course there are only a few more days till Christmas and I can't really say I'm getting done all those household things I planned on doing. This happens every year to me. Oh, well there are just so many hours in a day.

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