I"m Off for a few days

Happy New Year
I hope everyone had a good first day of 2007. For the last two years I have really looked forward to the month of January. I think I may be one of the few people that really like this month! I find it so relaxing and I'm able to get myself together for the coming year. I clean, organize, relax and think about the year to come. I don't even mind the rain that comes and goes or the cold. I just make alot of soup and enjoy tons of rented movies.

I'm off to Durham for my workshop tomarrow with Julia Galloway. Look at this photo, I'll be in heaven! Nothing but surface, surface, surface~~~~I can not wait and I'll be back on line next weekend to tell you all about it.

I did get back to throwing this evening. It took me a few bowls to feel back to normal since I have not touched clay in almost a month I think. I'm starting back on some special orders. I was working on some big pasta bowls this evening for a student of mine. I have a show the first of February so special orders are always good for filling up kilns and having extra things to go along with whatever I feel like making for the sale. I like doing this. I'm sure I'll be inspired after my workshop. Someone keep me on track of my years plan! Have a good week! Jen

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