Break time for riding bikes

I worked in my studio today from about 12-3 while Joey took the girls on a hike and Quaid was with a friend. I really need the uninterrupted time to think and it is always productive on days I can have this. As soon as they got home I ran to the store and then spent time with girls outside on there bikes. Here's the contrast in personalities. McKenna just wanted to be a "model" on her bike and Aydan really rode hers up and down the driveway. Believe me the cars slowed down when they hit our house because who doesn't need a good laugh at the get-up McKenna put on. Believe it or not she usually wears a Tu-tu everyday with just underwear and a t-shirt around the house. The sights my mail lady sees.
I finished up this evening with all my bowl orders so I'm off to bed to read my book a little bit. I'm reading "Even Cowgirls get the Blues" for my bookclub, so far, so good. Good night~jen

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