The weeks get faster and faster

Do you think that by the time one hits 50 that a week will seem more like a day? Remember how when you where a kid and your mom said it would be 1/2 hour before you could have your friend come play and you thought it felt like a week?

Well, here it is Thursday and I have no idea where my week has gone. I did lose one whole day staying in bed with a sinus infection. God I love my folks because they came and got the girls so I could sleep the rest of the day. I lost the whole morning and night of studio work time but I had to get well. Nothing like a few big pills of antibiotics to help the head heal! So, as I said , here I am Thursday and I have managed this week to get only 10 tumblers made, two sets of cream and sugars done and some big bowls thrown and trimmed. PITIFUL!!! On top of that, Joey has had to work late all week and has to work Saturday morning so that time is out but we have worked out the afternoon for my "alone time" in the house so I can think. I also taught my two clay classes this week, which both went well but that is two slots also taken away from studio time. Friday is homecoming at Gaston Day and I thought it would be great for Jeoy and I to take Quaid to the basketball game. Those are things I know Joey could do on his own with Quaid but I also feel like he would really appreciate having both of us with him. He told me the other day that he doesn't want me to car-pool anymore because he doesn't spend enough time with me. Isn't that sad? This is my 6 year old. Of course I think he just wants me to pick him up from school more because I bring snacks and at this age, snacks in the car pretty much rule his little world. Face it, the best part of Kindergarten is lunch time!

So , back to pots/studio time......... in other words, I need to step up to plate this weekend and get on the ball. ( haven't I been saying that for weeks on this blog????) Someone needs to get on here and get on my case-whip me into to shape; fix my little red wagon, open a can of whop-___ on me! (Ok, I can most likely do this to myself quite well because I'm my biggest critic). I've got kiln stuff to buy, a tonsil operation to pay for and a host of other things coming up I'm sure!

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Judi Tavill said...

You are doing great... just hang in there... I have to tell you.. I am addicted to your blog...it's like I ahve to see what happens next... becuase I feel like I can relate on a couple of levels... I know how those weeks go and it sucks,but keep going ... I have a new show next weekend and I am away with my mother and 2 sister in laws sun-wed so I needed to be pretty wrapped up... so that was fun... not. No... all is well I go through the questioning with my 2 boys all the time... the 10 year old is interesting... just wait and my 6 year old says the same type of stuff but I do think you can never do enough... so if you need to carpool..or like to carpool... CARPOOL...I think your snack hypothesis is probably accurate... here's yoour kick in the but....pow.