Paws needs equal stardom

I now I introduced a photo of my "studio" cat Clayton, well this is her mom Paws. Today was a special day for her because Joey put in a catdoor for her so she can sleep with me at night. I'm such a cat person, I have to have one around and sleeping at the foot of my bed. Somethings in life you just get to use to. Anyways, for a female cat she has one of the best temperaments. She just showed up one day when Quaid was out playing and loved him from the get go. At the time we didn't know she had babies but soon she brought them here to the house when she decided we would be her new home. She was the best mama cat. They ended up living under the neighbors house which is very close to us and every day I would hear Paws call her babies when it was time to eat. Animals are great to watch! I can't say she really digs Clayton these days, infact, she's kind of mean to her and puts her in her place....but I guess most mom's do that every now and then, right?

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