Visiting my pots

I got to spend some time with my pots this morning. The girls go to school every Tuesday and Thursday morning so since I teach on Thursday morning, I really LOVE Tuesdays. Peace and quiet and my time!

I got started on my journey with my kiln project today. I went down and spoke with some people at the York Planning department. We live in an old southern small town and our house is in the historic district. In the past no one has really said anything to anyone about what they did with there homes mainly because families just past down the houses from generation to generation. I guess in the last 7 years of so, as those old houses have fallen into disrepair or worse, bought up by city slicker from the north, the historic committee has decide to approve everything that is done to the homes. So...........here I go with begging for this kiln to get built in my back yard. I am happy to report that one of the ladies on the board buys my work and knows me fairly well. My next step is to get some plans drawn up along with as much information as I can provide them and go before them at there annual meeting in March. Wish me luck.

In the studio I finished putting handles and my decorative sprigs on my casseroles so I just have trimming and lids to do on them this evening. I like to get one more day of throwing in before I start that firing process but I'm not sure that is going to happen this week. I have taxes to do and application for things to fill out. We'll see!

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Ron said...

Glad to hear the first step on the kiln went well.