Productive weekend

Its Sunday so I'm reporting on my weekend of work. It was good!!! I managed to juggle family and work time well this weekend and it seemed to work well for everyone.

Friday night we enjoyed some High School basketball and the Homecoming Court. Quaid asked a very good question during the presentation of the homecoming girls which was " what did they do to get this?". You know, I had no idea how to answer that question without sounding caddy. The girls where all beautiful and of course super skinny and all there escorts looked very awkward, as most boys do at that age. I did finally come up with a good answer and told Quaid that they where all kids who got really good grades in school and where wonderful students and did a lot for other people. ( Ok, so I may have lied but it sounded good, something he could work towards and we can only hope, that is what brought them to the homecoming court.) Ok...so how many of you reading where homecoming Queens?

Saturday I took the kids to visit my 96 year old grandmother in the morning while Joey worked and in the afternoon I got silence in my studio for a few hours and got lots done. I had a wonderful time losing myself in "Cold Mountain", which was being read by the author. I had read that book a long time ago so hearing it and envisioning some of the movie stars from the motion picture are all equally fun to whirl around the brain. Saturday I finished staining pieces that where bone dry and kept loading the kiln. Its almost full and should be ready to fire on Tuesday.

Today I spent the morning with a fellow "studio mate". The girls went with there father to Charlotte to visit family and Quaid stayed with me. He was sooooooo excited to just have mom to himself and make pots with me. He did crank out a coil mug and several small sculptures while talking a blue streak to me. My solitude for working was a bit interrupted at times but I trudged on and when his Dad came home he was happy to give up clay to play baseball with his Dad and sisters. I managed after that to throw square casseroles and trim my clam boxes. This evening the wind is blowing so hard the door on my studio will not stay closed and the cold air only allowed me about 2 hours out there before I had to call it a night. Tomorrow is class so I won't be visiting my pots again until Tuesday. Until then~


Anonymous said...

hey jen, yes that is me commenting on rons blog. that is how in found yours. i have used helios, it is very creamy, i fired it to cone 10 reduction, the colors were extremley bright. i hope you don't mind the questions, i am a little isolated here in boone, i built a studio this summer( still needs work), so i am working there mostly, although i take my biscuit-ware to asu to glaze fire. the community classes are helpful, but the people are mostly hobbists, and the classes are big and slow going. how are you currently working? do yousell through word of mouth, galleries, shows? how do you price, by time, piece, any info. would be greatly appreiciated. like i said, ireally like your pots, and i feel connected with the fact that you are raising kids and going for it with your art. cool. also, would you mind me added you to my blog list? thank you, take care -jeff

Anonymous said...

I think Joey was the Homecoming Queen at Rosewood....circa 1986!