The wheels are turning slowly.

We had a good weekend all in all. I got out and worked this weekend but pretty slowly. I've had a bit of a sinus issue so that always slows me down but I did get some needed quiet time to think. Joey managed to help me out and take the kids on a hike Saturday so all was quiet to think. Boy does this help the creative process in such a big way I've noticed. Of maybe it just me. To much going on just shuts me down.

Yesterday we had our annual Circle of Eight meeting. This is a group of eight potter friends of mine who get together to show, discuss and promote each others work. We have an upcoming show in NCECA this March so we had to get all the lose ends tied up for that and make some future plans as well. Its so important to have a community of potters around to bounce ideas off of and mostly get advise on stuff. This big undertaking with the building of my kiln will require a lot of back and forth with all my pottery buddies who have built one themselves so I am SOOOOOOO thankful I have this kind of network.

I got my heater up an cranking at 5 so my studio would be toasty warm by 7 and wouldn't you know we had one of those " family emergencies"that didn't allow me to get out there until about 9 ( which by that time my head was felling pretty heavy with sinus stuff again). To make a long story short McKenna slipped in the bathtub and cut her chin open so we were going back and forth on if she needed stiches or not. She is fine after a trip to the doctor this morning but I'm a bit warn out from staying up to late finishing up stuff on the porch.

Tonight I have my beginning class to teach. The first of six. I have a huge class this time and one person in there is a friend so it should be an interesting six weeks. j


Ron said...

Hey Jen,
I hope McKenna is doing okay. I got a kick out of seeing them on Sunday. Did Quaid get the sea monkeys to come to life?

Jen Mecca said...

It was to cold for the sea monkey's in our house. It is sapose to be 75 where they grow and our house is a cozy 62 most of the time. I told him they would most likely freeze. The pathetic thing is that he wants to use his christmas money to buy his seamonkeys a heater like I have in my studio! He thinks they are going to be like the cats and hang around forever.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jennamec. I am so envious of your "circle of eight" group. I think the relative isolation I'm in has truly contributed to the stagnation I see in my work. It sure sounds like a supportive group of like-minded friends could help me (and my terrible attitude) get back on the right track. Thanks! I glad I found my way back to your blog. I need to visit more often..

Jen Mecca said...

BRAD TUCKER~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am so honored you are on my BLOG!!!!!!!!! You can visit and comment at any time. Your insight is most welcome. I wish you could be a part of the circle of 8. We had some great brownies and cookies at our last get together. ( Is'nt that what its all about anyways...eating)?