Making one's head explode

Where to begin, where to begin.
I'm just going to jot down something and then do some other entries to elaborate.
She is a genius. Totally in awe.
independent women all the way. Different than her pots in person, but all good.
I'm getting there but need to reach inside more.
What a great group of workshop people. Everyone was wonderful!
Amy and I are kin in our thoughts of goals and work.
I'm slowing down a lot but forging ahead.
Tv needs to go off on "thinking days".
How wonderful it is to create.
Look at this creativity. Sheer genius!!!


Judi Tavill said...

Jen- soooo cool- I'm doing her workshop in nyc at the end of feb but it isn't hands on- only demo and presentation but 2 days... I bought a few of her pieces at the demerest show which is inspiration perhaps... my work is very different but I'm excited to allow in some of the influence... my surface has centered on carving but her glaze work is WILD...I'm excited to see her techniques...did you do alot of your own work there? where are those pics??? and Happy New Year!

Jen Mecca said...

I wish I could afford one of her pieces!
I'll write so much more about the workshop when I get more time "to blog". You will be so taken with her and her work. It is crazy and she is crazy too. I really enjoyed her! I'll give you the scoop...just "stay tuned". Jen