Studio time

I wanted to take a photo of how clean my studio is. Of course I've just gotten back into it this week but I'm feeling pretty good about how it looks and have vowed to try and sweep a bit more this year.

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of thing. I've got a lot of ideas surface wise that I've been thinking about while I'm working on some special orders that need to get done and out of the way plus some bowls for various organizations that do charity soup bowl sales. The photo on the left are some bowls I did out of stoneware which was fun. I love to throw all kind of bowls because it is a very soothing and sort of easy thing to do for me. These are none like I usually make for my own line of work( did I really say LINE of work???) anyways, the more I throw sometimes I just like doing things the opposite of my own. I think this is one reason I like teaching at the clay center so much because everyone always asks me about different sort of pots and I like to challenge myself to see if I can make them. Some work, some fall but it is always fun. If only I had my soda kiln done to stick these babies in!!! I like the cut foot on these.

Tonight I'm going to keep trucking along on those special orders. Lots are bowls sets to do, cream and sugar, casseroles and milk/syrup containers. I'll keep you posted! jen


Judi Tavill said...

Jen, firtst of all , your kids are adorable... as are mine of course... no girls tho- and I love the tu tu scenario.... LOVE!!!!
I have to say... I can't believe i'm in blog mode... I'm not the "blogger -type" i guess- whatever that is, but I totally love tuning into your life as the paralells really help me mellow out sometimes... my husband is off snow boarding on a glacier in cnanda- home VERY late tomorrow night and I'm here stressing out about the SUCKY tea set I need to include in the stuff I am having juried tomorrow for a local show- that I was in last year... but they have you list the 6 items ahead of time and prices... and they were not exactly made yet- seems to be common practice ...so going out with the girls last night and doing my very last glazing at 2:30 am this morning was a little wacky...but tomorrow is the day... I don't like the tea set but... here we go... look, I know my stuff... if I don't get in.... I don't set in and I'm chomping at the bit to move on and go forward.... very frustrated11!!and tired and I have to get the boys off in the am at 9.... so.... caio!

Jen Mecca said...

I've learned that you just have to save things out of your kiln that are good so you don't put yourself through all that stress when you want to enter a show.