I did got a lot done last night. Was able to stain somethings, load stuff in the bisque and trim somemore. Here are the cream and sugars I made. They are a special order for someone so they really aren't my kind of style totally. The tumblers are for experimental reasons to try some new surface stuff and new images. I've been back searching through some of my books-historic ones for some inspiration. I'm also doing a surface exercise with my intermediate students so I got a chance to thumb through some arts and crafts books I hadn't opened in a long time. I'm waiting on a book list from Julia that will be all books on historic pots. Can't wait to order some of those. I got so inspired by her slide lectures on historic pottery that I want to learn and read more about it.

On the family front, I decided to take the night and go to homecoming with Quaid and Joey. Quaids just having some issues in school and I feel like the more we can support him with any kind or parental guidance, the better he'll be. I decided I could work in my studio Saturday afternoon, evening and all day Sunday. We'll see how that goes and If I can stay on that track. I've got teapots, casseroles and clam jars on my list of things to make for this show. We'll see if that is truly what my hands want to make when I get out there to work! We are suppose to have a super cold weekend so I'm not looking forward to that but I've got a good book on tape to listen to!


Anonymous said...

hola jen. pienso que su potteria es muy bueno. i am new to the blogging, but i have been following your journey, and to put it simply, i feel alot of what you speak. creativity mixed with time management ( ihave a 9 yr old stepdaughter, and 8 month old baby girl. time. juggling. inspiration. manifestation. life. i like you pots, alot. they are alive. if you don't mind me asking, que es su specifcs., clay body, process, ect. good luck with your tumbler tests. adios, jeff

Jen Mecca said...

I use a porcelain body called Helios the comes from a vender up in the mountains oh NC. It is a cone 6 to 10 body and I fire to 7 in an electric kiln. I use stains on my pots that I carve through and sprigs that I make myself( some stamping also). Most of my pots and thrown and altered.

Its wonderful to have a new person on my blog, thanks for reading! I think I've caught your name on Ron Philbecks blog as well....am I right?