Is Winter starting????

Here a bloom from one of my three Camilla trees. We where lucky to get a house with so many old great bushes and trees. I love these bushes because they bloom about 4 times a year so I can always count on some sort of cut flowers if I need some. But........It looks like we are getting that cold blast that has hit the country so all my blooms my be frozen off the trees! I'm so happy I did my double plastic walls in my studio! I was out there last night in my three layers of cloths and with the heater blowing on me it wasn't that bad. We'll see how it goes this evening. I was telling my husband last night that I'm starting to think I really get more done in the daytime hours these day. The night I use to finish up stuff or trim. I made some cream and sugar parts yesterday and trimmed more bowls. Once I get the sets made I'll take some photo's. I need to mix up some stains and glazes in the next few days and that thought of doing that in the cold is not sounding to appealing especially since I'm going to have to defrosts the hose to get some water. This is the time of the year that I have to be careful not to let my glaze buckets freeze out in my shed. I'm not sure if it really effects my glaze but I don't enjoy heating my buckets up in the kiln! Have a good one.

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brrrr.stay warm.