Bloggin' buddies

I have some buddies who have started to "blog". ( Sounds kind of like a dance........) Anyways, I wanted to put a little blurb about each one of them up on a post for other people to check out.

Amy Sanders is someone in my Circle of Eight group that I talk about a bit in my posts. Amy's work is so fun and creative and I think she's going to go a long way in the pottery lime light very soon. Amy is one of the nicest, genuine and goofy people ( in the best way!) and I hate that I don't get to spend more time with her because she makes me smile. Check out her pots, they'll make you smile also I'm sure.

Elaine Spallone is a student down at Clayworks where I teach. I have not had the pleasure of having Elaine in any of my classes but she is someone with an infectious smile always and has really found her own voice in clay. Go to her website because you will be truly inspired. As she puts it , she lives floating three inches above the ground because she sustained a spinal cord injury about 18 years ago. She had been working for I think the last year or so on these great skull head that celebrate the tradition of Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos. They are very cool!

Scott Smith and his wife and kids are good friends of ours. Scott is also one of my students and has the pottery bug! His website is just called Random thoughts but he does talk a bit about pots and reminds me of how hooked I was from the start and couldn't get enough time in my days to just explore this new love I had found. Anyways, Scott's blog is well written and he has some funny just day to day stories about his family and really just "random thoughts". His last post was about a boating trip that went wrong and how he really just had in the back of his mind that he should of been out visiting a pottery and not on a river that weekend.


Ron said...

Hey Jen, I think Elaine's last name is spelled wrong in your hyperlink, so it doesn't work, and Scott's doesn't either for some reason.

I wanted to mention that the last 4 or 5 feet of my chimney is made from soft brick so if you have any left over you may could use them. It seems to have held up fine in the weather. Or I think you could even use common house brick that far up. Not sure but I think I've seen that done.

Jen Mecca said...

I don't know what is wrong. I'll have to have Joey fix it. I did get Elaine to work and Scotts did just have a dot wrong...I'll fix it..sorry once again. For some reason Amy's will not come up and I do have your blog address currect. I'm going something wrong.

I am going to get fireplace bricks for the top of the chimney. As you read what I have left of the hard brick I'm using at the base of the chimney and dipping the rest( soft) before I get further up the stack. Do I need angle iron around the stack? I'm assumeing yes.J

Ron said...

Angle iron would be good. I remembered after I wrote, that you had that stainless steel pipe. Are you going to use that?

Jen Mecca said...

Yah, I am going to use the pipe. I'm trying to figure out if we have a ladder big enough to get up there. That roof just looks so high to me. ( I'm sure Paul has one we can use....)

I've got to get through next weekend and then it is back to totally finishing the kiln. ( well minus the gas until I can pay for that)

Unknown said...

Hey Jen, thanks for the comments and review!! If anyone visits lately, they are only going to get hungry..with all my apple pie postings!