I took time away from throwing yesterday morning and decided to finish as much as I could with the bricks I had for the chimney. Its at the point where its to high for me to put anymore bricks up there myself. The next step is to figure out how many more bricks I will need before I can add the stack on the top. I need Joey's help to measure and get up on the roof of the kiln shed. I have a lot of reservations about how high my shed is still but it is too late now to worry about that. Here are some photo's of yesterdays accomplishments!

Today was my demo at Gaston College which I think went pretty well. There where a lot of students that came and went with the change of classes and one pottery class that hung around the entire demo. My friend Vicki Gil showed up, which was nice...thanks Vicki for the support! So, we'll see if I inspired any students to sign up for the class in the spring. Tonight I'm excited to throw. Last night I did make some just simple bowls and some things for my demo today.


Scott Smith said...

Wish I could have been there.

barbara chadwick said...

oh... there is nothing more beautiful than a pristine kiln (well okay maybe a couple things)!!! It looks great- I am envious!!!

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Hey, I really enjoyed watching you throw. Hope you do get lots of students inspired by the demo. Will send you some images. There were some good photos. Will be a few days because I'm in a crunch to finish a couple of orders.
Take care!