Senses on high alert

Is there a full moon happening this week?
The reason I ask is because I've been bouncing off the walls this week and my sense of sound, smell and intuition ( which I know is not really a sense but I like to add it in) are all on super overload. I guess getting ready for the Barn Sale has been the top of my to do list but I've had a lot of other very important pressing issues that have also come up this week. Some times when everything falls together I just put one in the back of my " to do" list but this week I've had a huge burst of energy with an urgency to do it all. One of the twins is having some uneasy feelings at school and intuition came into play because I could sense all week even before Aydan had a huge melt down in front of school that something was going on with her.
As for smell, I think I've had a burst of energy because the outside just smells of fall and I can feel that cool air is around the corner. October has always been my favorite month. I think I should of been born in this month. My first date with Joey was in October so naturally we had to get married in October. I always feel so happy in October and know that the holidays are here. Everything smells like leaves and pumpkin pie to me even if they are no where to be found. You know how a cat sort of sniffs the breeze and grins when it goes outside in the crisp air? Well, I've felt this way all week.
Last but not least...sound. I hate to say it, but I'm back to my neighbor. My peaceful world in my studio has been interrupted again by the noise next door.I think all potters need that zone to work. I get into my space, my quietness, my thoughts and I know the other me, the mom, the wife, ect. goes away. I like to hear the birds, they make me think. I like the sounds of the fire trucks downtown when they are racing to a fire. All these noises I'm use to and they part of my work cycle. This time the new noise next door that is upsetting my world is not going away I know its not going away. This makes me anxious and antsy. I have trouble enjoying throwing, thinking, working and I have no solution for it, just like the water problem. The four set of speakers on the back and side of my neighbors house point towards my studio. Each day and most nights I am forced to listen to new country, not something I enjoy. I don't know what to do about it. Today its been on since 9 AM and its still going at 10 even though no one is outside. Am I just really getting old or what ???? I think any music for 13 hours would wear a person down. I wonder what would happen if I blared Sesame Street for 13 hours his way. Even better yet since I know he is very conservative, I'll get out my old Grateful Dead tapes!!! Do you think I would get my point across??? I think I need to go back to doing Yoga to cleanse my thoughts and tell my inner voice that it would not be a good idea to sneak over and cut all the wires leading to the speakers THAT FACE MY STUDIO.
.....like I said, my senses are on high alert this week......time to go to bed.
Ok, I've cleansed....I feel better. Thanks for listening!


Judi Tavill said...

jen, you just totally crack me up... i kow Exactly where you are coming from,kids' issues,other people, the moon...yoga- the whole thing...keep writing ... I am always listening and commiserating!!!!

mondo66 said...

No Jen it is not you, you have an inconsiderate neighbor. It would be fun to see/hear a battle of sound waves with Big Bird as your ammunition!!

Scott Smith said...

I vote for Grateful Dead.

It is HUGELY inconsiderate. I want to keep the peace my neighbors, but I would have to say something. I would do it nicely, but I would do it.

Jen Mecca said...

Joey has made me raise my right hand and promise I will keep my mouth shut, so I will.

Does anyone know of any places to order vodoo dolls? j