New Week

I've always wondered why Monday's tend to be the busiest day of the week. Today I was running around everywhere and didn't get any time in the studio. I had parents conferences, shopping to do, phone calls to make..well you get the picture. I did get out to the studio about 8:30 and here I am at 11. Slumped some lids for more covered jars I'm making, threw some more big platters( the others one where a special order and wedding gift...one didn't make it through the glaze firing) and trimmed some big bowls. All day yesterday when I was driving around in the car I was trying to think of the best things to make for the up coming Barn Sale for the Charlotte Claymatters guild sale. I've only got another week to make stuff!

The Chimney * I started putting the chimney up on Sunday but we came to a stopping point because I really wanted all hard brick back in the flue and we realized we couldn't do that with the amount of bricks I had left. So..we stopped and I decided that I'd nose around for more bricks this week. If I can't drum up the bricks I may just go as far as I can and then start dipping the soft bricks totally in one of the recipe's I have for coating insulating fire bricks in a salt kiln. I will have to sit and think about this a bit more.
That's it for now!J

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