Win some loose some

I have a really good friend in Raleigh who is a jeweler and our lives kind of mimic each other a lot. Well more like my life mimics hers. She is older than me and has twin boys who have just graduated from college. I use to be her boss years ago at Cedar Creek and at the time her boys where young and she and her husband always drove old cars, lived in a small house and where always trying to just make ends meet. I think I always wondered why they where not further along in life when I was fresh out of college and knew it all. Well now that I'm 40 and Betty is over that hump, she gets a chuckles out of my life because I have basically what she had now that I am married with children. We have a great friendship because we can raze each other about anything and doing a craft shows together is always fun because she is such a hoot! Since Betty was a lot younger than I was when she had her boys she is just know apply to the same shows that I am apply for. We both applied to the ACC in Charlotte again this year and both got wait listed again. The funny part of the story is that Betty kept emailing me asking if I had heard anything and since I'm so caught up in everything else in my life it just had not even crossed my mind to check on the website. Today she called me frantic to find out if I had heard anything. Finally whe I found out that the information was up for me to see, there where phone calls and emails back and forth between the two of us today trying to pick the other one up about not totally getting in. Next year I'll try again and hopefully Betty and I will both get in.

I did get some good news today about another show for me that was a shot in the dark. I got three pieces in a traveling show for Sc artists. It seems that South Carolina has a old connection/history to Barbados, West Indies and the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor put together a show with artists from Barbados and South Carolina. The title of the show is The Connection and will travel around the state and then end up in Barbados. The cool thing is if you win an award your plane ticket will be payed for to go and be at the opening! I was thrilled to get three pieces in the show and I'm curious to see the other art work that was selected. It was one of those application that someone just sent to me over the net and at the last minute I applied for. Sometimes the shows you don't think to much about are the ones you get into. Go figure! Like I said, you win some you loose some.

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