Proof I'm working

So much to report about but really nothing that is super news. Lots of thoughts, lots of kids stuff and just general things through out the day that I say to myself "I need to put that on my blog". Seems I forget half of them now that I am here. I'm very tired this evening because Joey is out of town and its been a long weekend. Tomorrow is our 8th wedding anniversary and as always we would of liked to have gotten each other spectacular gifts or something like that but not this year again. Instead we did go out to dinner this weekend with some of our York friends and the restaurant was not expensive and very good. So, that was our anniversary, hopefully Joey will be able to come back from his away business for our real anniversary tomorrow. I'm going to try and whip up a good meal for the occasion. So its Monday, my kids have been on fall break so I've lost a lot of studio time but I've tried to make the days fun since we did not go on a vacation. Most of the fun centered around Halloween, which by the way in my favorite holiday. I wish more adults around here would be into it because it is so fun to dress up. ( Now you know why my kids run around in dress up cloths all day!) Tomorrow everyone is back at school and I'm racing the clock once again for my show on Saturday. In the morning I plan on glazing and hopefully if that does not take to much time I'll be able to finish up some more pots for the next firing.

Here is proof that I have been working. More flower blocks( Ron, these have about 100 parts to them....inside joke) but a shape I only have tried one other time. I have some big vases, soup bowls and covered jars in the next shot. As always I'm anxious to see how everything comes out of the kiln when its all said and done. Always a nervous feeling picking up the lid.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

I totally relate to so many of your posts... especially the ones regarding finances (or lack there of) and today when you wrote about the anniversary thing I just had to comment. Mine is the 17th of April and we are NEVER able to do anything really special that involves money (because some silly person picked a day right around tax time to have a wedding- what was I thinking)!?!

"Sigh" the truth is it probably wouldn't matter when my anniversary was because my choice to be an artisit is definately not going to make us financially stable any time soon. But you know I do love what I do and can't imagine a 9 to 5 job. And somehow we manage to make ends meet and survive until the next unexpected thing comes along. So I just wanted you to know you are not alone and I totally empathize with you!

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Barn sale and checking out all your new work!

Take care,

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks for leaving a thought. Its always so nice to know that your not the only one in the same boat. Sometimes I think I do dwell on that fact of our life a lot but its something that always hits you in the face. Now to find a way to be an artist and survive, that is the goal these days!
Good to hear from you and I'll see this weekend. Jen