Favorite things

Every time I go over to Amy Sanders house I'm envious of these cool little niches her husband Brain built in their walls. These little boxes house all sorts of little "treasures" mostly made out of clay and they look great to someone who collects pots. It almost like having a framed painting on the wall!

I pretty much either use the pots I buy from people or they get put in this cabinet that has a glass door on it in our living room. No one can really see the pots unless they look really closely through the glass or pick them up for that matter. So about a year ago I was on a quest to find one of those little shelves that sort of mimicked what Amy had in her home. I found this one at Lowes and it has been sitting on the floor in our bedroom for about a year. Since we live in an old house and the wall are made of plaster, the perfect home for it was not do-able. Last weekend we got some new furniture from my grandmothers house and changed some things around so....Vo La! Here is my shelf with all my little favorite things on it. ( Well most of them). I still am sort of flinching every time my small herd of elephants come thundering through the house. For some reason little feet can make such a loud noise!
( For anyone who tryed to log on to some of those blogs I pointed out, I have fixed the proublem and it should work now.)


Unknown said...

Jen- I think your shelves look great... really very cool... when we built our house we actually did a cubicle looking thing as part of our interior- we had already started collecting work... different crafts and THEN my hobby(?)of ceramics turned into an obssession, a driving force.... an energy that would take over our lives......!!!!!!!!!!!so... basically between collectiing and making... our shelves are fulll.. literally and figuratively!But bottom line is... I like YOUR shelves!:)

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks Judi! I tend to think we all are made collectors. j

Scott Smith said...

I like your shelves too. I already had to build a special shelf in the kitchen for the many coffee mugs. If we keep collecting pottery we're going to need to build shelves like yours.

Was great seeing you & Joey on Saturday!