Shows and Friends

I'm in a few shows this October so I thought I'd put some links and thoughts about a few of them up this evening. Here a shot of my glass blowing friend and former boss Lisa Oakley. Cedar Creek is having their 40th Anniversary and on the link you can read a wonderful letter Lisa wrote about all the years it took for her father and mother to start this great gallery and the effect it had on the potters who had studio's there, the staff that worked in the gallery ( such as myself) and there family. Reading this note from her made me feel better about all the hard decisions and up and downs we go through with myself trying to make it as a potter so I can do what I love to do. Lisa, her Dad Sid and my good friend Brad Tucker always had great stories about the "early" days at Cedar Creek and I use to love to hear them laugh and talk about some of the wacky things they did to stay afloat. Here's the link if your interested - go to "A note from Lisa" to read what she has to say......Cedar Creek Gallery.

Another show that I'm in is a cup show at the Worcester Center for Crafts in Massachusetts. I just got the card for it the other day and saw some great names on there like Gay Smith and Julia Galloway just to name a few. To have my stuff anywhere outside of NC/SC always thrills me to death. Its so cool to think someone way across the US has one of my pieces.

So far the weekend has been pretty good. The Circle of Eight group met Friday night for a meeting at Julie Wiggins house. Of course our dinners are always great, served on great pottery and we all have fun catching up with one another. Today I took the girls to a really good birthday party where the theme was "camping". The parents of this girl put tents and a boat out in the yard and had camping stuff for them to do. It was great not to have to go to another Barbie birthday and the 4 year olds had a blast.

Joey, Quaid and my father started to clean out the furniture from the 97 year old grandmothers house. She has moved in with my folks and in turn is giving away basically everything she has. It is great that my kids now there great grandmother and that she is not living alone anymore. Its comforting to know my parents are right there with her if anything happens and I enjoy getting to see her more since I'm at my folks a lot during the week.

Tomorrow will be another kiln day!


Anonymous said...

Aghhhhh, I remember this is the season for craft fairs!!
I really miss them.
Hope you're having a great season!
Jen, do you make your own glaze?

Scott Smith said...

The kids party sounds like a fresh idea - would like to hear more about it.

It's very cool that your kids get to know their great grandmother! 97 - WOW! I hope I live to be 97.