Arch Form

I got over my mouse fear and was able to finish off my floor today. I had to level each row of bricks just to make sure the arch is going to sit flush when we start to build it. Here is the arch form. Stan and Ann Riggs where nice enough to make this for us when we took the kiln down. Here is a photo of the arch form on my pad and one on Ann's before we took the last row of bricks down. Tomorrow we will start building the arch.

On the making pots front. I finished up 4 flower blocks last night, trimmed some cake plates and started work on finishing some boxes. I'm still forever searching and really trying to incorporate my thoughts on surface with my form. So far the boxes are plain besides an elaborate knob or finial on the lid. I took my time with the feet I paddled on these and I'm paying extra attention to the hand built flange that goes inside. I learned a lot making a hand built flange when I was constructing those Persian boxes, which both sold at Blowing Rock. I loved that show because a lot of my favorite pieces got good homes. I even sold a bunch of my egg cups!

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