New Shape

Here's the new flower block shape. I still love the old one's and won't give them up but I'm trying this one due to the feet issues I've had with the oval ones. I'm not even sure if I'm sold on these type of feet being on this form, we'll see. I made 3 of these so who knows if they will survive the glaze kiln or not.

I did take some photo's of the finished work that came out of the last kiln load but my camera is so bad that the glare just did not do them Justice. maybe I'll try again tomorrow in an outside location.

Lots going on with me this week...parent conferences, packing pots up for shows, finishing up special orders, getting ready for my solo show ( which I'm putting up Friday) and lots of family financial stress - never good for the body or thought process. I'll talk about all that maybe tomorrow. Its been a long day and I really need some shut eye. Tomorrow morning I glaze!

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