Back of Kiln

Here is the finished result of two days of work. This part proved to be a bit more labor intensive than the other part. Joey helped me a good bit yesterday. He was a the brick cutting man while I looked for the pieces of the puzzle in all the boxes that went with this project. Today I finished up where we had left off yesterday and next will be the chimney.
I keep looking out into our back yard not believing what I'm seeing. After we got married and I became a mom pretty quick, I thought for sure this would never happen atleast until I got Quaid into high school and I was working pretty much full time to save up money to build a kiln. It has taken so many years to be comfortable with my electric work that I was starting to get to the point where I told myself, maybe it would be ok to keep exploring all the electric options that are out there. Now, here I am ready to go back to what I loved doing in school. I now my forms have evolved and I've learned a lot about selling my work and making good use at the spurts of time I have in my studio. Hopefully this new direction will push me a bit further into the ceramic field and branch out to a broader customer base. I really don't like to think about what I make in a money making way, but really when it comes down to it, I'm making a product that I want to sell. And I need to sell a lot of because when your a part time potter, your really just a hobbyist. I feel like I am gaining momentum finally but I still have a good ways to go to really find my voice a bit more with what I do. So, I have this great little kiln that is just begging to be done and fired soon! I am anxious to see how the first firing goes and how the kiln holds up. Next up....the chimney!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!
WOW! It's almost there...I understand building a kiln requires a lot of hard work. I'm just curious...where are you going to get the wood for firing? Over here, people fire 3 to 4 days straight and I'm guessing it's same over there.
I just listed some of my new items on my blog if you're interested to see them. It's written in Japanese so you may not be able to read, but I'm sure you can see the images. :-)

Jen Mecca said...

Both my husband and I have looked at your blog, it is very nice! Are all those photo's things that you make and do you take all those photo's your self? They are wonderful!
To answer your question about the kiln, I'm not using wood to fire mine. Mine will be fueled by propane. As for wood kilns over here,some people do there wood kilns on there own or if they are big kilns, they do have people help them with the fireing because it is a lot of hard work and takes many hours.
It was great to hear about your stay in New Bern. Joey and I really loved living there and hated to leave.
Take Care! Jen

Unknown said...

I really like that you share how you are getting back to what you did in school...shows your journey, which is interesting!!

Scott Smith said...

Looking at these pictures of your kiln-in-progress, it just occurred to me that it looks a littel bit like an altar for sacrifices. I hope your neighbors know what it is that you're building back there.

I love the stuff that you do in the electric kiln, I can't wait to see what you do in a gas kiln (I don't think I've seen any work by you other than electric).

Again, I extend the offer... Debi and I would be happy to lend a hand with the kiln - just let us know when you need some extra hands.

Anne Webb said...

wow your kiln and kiln shed are looking great! yeah further to someone else's comment here.. it does have a certain temple-like look to it.