Its 2 pm and I just finished lunch. I typically eat my lunch while I check my emails and such. The girls have had there snack after a long ride home from school and they are playing princess and princess kitty. ( Aydan is down on all fours carrying her stuffed kitty's in her mouth while Mckenna is in a princess dress with a real baby doll.) I like these afternoons when the girls and I just come home after there time at school and we can relax. I think I'll blow off my house work and play with them a bit after I get done with this post
This morning I packed up pots for my show at Gaston College that I will set up tomorrow morning. I decided not to have a big reception at night because I wanted to entice students to sign up for my throwing class in the spring. I'm going to demo and than at lunch we'll have a little reception. As I've said in a few post Joey and I are squeaking on by to keep the kids in private school. I have to come to the realisation that next spring I need a lot of teaching gigs and a regular pay check to pay off debt and keep the kids in school. Last week we also took Quaid to the doctor for some ADD issues and have decided to put him on medication.
Yesterday I had a wonderful conference with Quaid's teacher who said that he is so bright and such a unique little boy with so much potential that hopefully this will help him sit still a bit more and focus so he can be to his full potential. This school is just the best environment for kids and I have found all the teachers to be so caring and put forth so much effort with teaching that my hearts just breaks to think we may have to give it up and put the kids in a very low rated public school here in York where over half the kids are on free lunch, the classes are huge and all the state is concerned with is over testing the kids so they can meet there score requirements. I think Sc schools are some of the lowest in the nation for scores. I attended Sc school when my family moved here in 1981 and I know from experience that the system was nothing like what I had in upstate NY. My parents even made me finish up my requirements the summer of the junior year and sent me off to college so I would not have to waste another year in high school there.
Its amazing how much you will sacrifice for your kids. I much rather have the kids be dressed well and look clean and polished than myself these days. ( I use to be a real cloths hound and really spend lots of time on myself). There is a new Suave shampoo commercial where the mom goes from dating to marriage to kids and you finally see her in a bunny costume with her hair all in tangles and of course the commercial talks about Mom's letter themselves go. I can totally relate to this. I never thought I'd be buying my cloths at Walmart but I do and they are mostly sweat pants!
Anyways....in the spring hopefully I will be able to really get some teaching gigs and that means I'll have to forgo all this wonderful time I've had this fall in my studio. I plan on making the best of it and enjoy the non-stress I've had so far. It has been wonderful but at this time it doesn't help much. We'll see how the up coming shows go and take it all one day at a time. I know the kids are happy where they are and that matters the most to me.
Well speaking of that, I'm off to play the "Queen" with the girls. Tonight I teach, which is always enjoyable.


Judi Tavill said...

jen, just hang in! and thank joey for his post on my blog?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

I know about letting yourself go. After a full year of not getting my hair cut, I finally made time to do it yesterday. You would not believe how long and stringy it had gotten, I feel like a new woman when I got home. I then spent half the night up with Eli (he has strep). Got up, washed my hair and am back to the mom look today. Luckily where we live, being a rural area, the standards of beauty are not too high. I fit right in. Enjoy the time with the girls, Wal-Mart clothes are all you need when your caked in clay 1/2 the time.

Anonymous said...

I'm always in a t-shirt and jeans, tie my hair in pony-tail when I go to the pottery class, because it doens't make sense to dress nice when you're playing with mud. :-)
It's unfortunate that some school districts are weaker on educational environment. Have you thought of home schooling?

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks all you "mom's" for your kind words.

I can relate to the rural dress code. I'm on another planet when I hitch up the wagon and drive to Charlotte for something.

Have you seen all the typo's and spelling issues in my blog? Believe me, my kids are better off learning life lessons from me and the ABC's from a trained professional. But thanks for the idea! Jen