Sunday thoughts

The Circle of Eight show yesterday was really good and I think successful for all involved. We had a pretty steady flow of customers and as always , there was a certain kind of pot for everyone. I still enjoy seeing how we all do really different types of work and I enjoy seeing new pieces by each of us. Having Mark Peters work there with us sort of made the whole circle of different types of firing complete as well.( I guess all we need is a raku person and then we would be set!). I enjoyed visiting with Mark and talking about the days we use to work together and catching up on new stories about his kids and such. Its amazing to me how fast times goes by with out you realizing how long you have really known a person. I've known Mark 17 years and I never would of thought I'd be selling pots along beside him. Good show, good friends, good weather and good company!

Here on the home front today was equally as good. The weather was nice, we all got to sleep in, relax and play without to much running around. Joey got to cook one of his fabulous meals and watch the Panthers play. Quaid had a buddy over and Aydan got invited to her first play date by a class mate. Now, this may not seem like a big deal but to me and Aydan, it was exciting. I didn't know the mother or the child so I drove Aydan to the home and had a pleasant conversation with the little girls mother before leaving her by herself. Why this part of the day sticks in my mind now at 12 o'clock is because while having a conversation with the mom, she explained to me that this little girl was having problems learning in school and she was asking me different questions about the teaching and what Aydan has learned. I observed that while the girls where playing near us that this little girl did have some trouble speaking and it reminded me of myself when I was little. I wanted to assure this mom that her daughter may have some issues in school with learning but she would be ok as long as she had parents behind her that stuck with her getting through school. I also wanted to say keep her self esteem up while she is struggling to just get through all the work that seems foreign to the way her brain learns. Seeing your child struggle with something can be so hard. Now that I'm a parent I can only imagine how my parents must have felt when they discovered I had learning problems. They also must of felt like they had accomplished so much when I got through school and was able to go onto college. They still stick by me with what I finally decided I loved to do and they have supported me from the beginning.

Like I said, it was a good day to just sort of sit back , relax, reflect and be thankful for all the good things that happen to each of us.

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Scott Smith said...

Jen, I know what you mean. Now that I have kids, I think of all the things I have done (as a kid and adult) and how my Mom must have wanted to tell me what an idiotic thing it was to do, but she just let me do what I had to do and supported me.

I hope that I wil have the same good sense as a parent.