Crisp Sunday Morning

I'm enjoying a relaxing crisp Sunday morning. Eggs and waffles with berries where the choice of breakfast this morning and a nice hot cup of coffee in of course a great mug. ( Maker unknown.....)

Today I will back at BlueGil Pottery with Vicki. It was obvious yesterday the economy is effecting the buying mind of the public. At least that was the case in Gastonia NC., our part of the world. Vicki and I had a nice day of talking a catching up on pottery talk. Of course I never grow tired of that! I also was able to bring some work with me to work on so it was not a day of sitting around. Today I plan on putting some handles of mugs and finishing up some pillow tiles I made yesterday. Hopefully this evening I'll be able to get back and go for a nice walk. The pecan trees around our neighborhood are starting to drop nuts all over the sidewalks so I'm one of many who on brisk walks, stop and load up our windbreaker pockets with as many nuts as a squirrel my size can hold!

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Big Al said...

Jen, great post! Thanks for reminding us of some of the many joys of fall.

Hope the sales pick up today. The economy is weird for sure but I hope people are out and stop in to buy.

Looking forward to seeing you after Thanksgiving in Raleigh!