Shipping...good lordy!

This morning I had to get a box out to Illinois for a show and of course half way through the process I realised that I didn't have a big enough box to fit my other box into!

Yikes...time to go dumpster diving!

There I was today at noon in my clay cloths, studio clogs, hair up in a pigtail and no make-up just driving around behind the local dollar stores in hopes of a sea of fresh boxes. Low and behold I found a bunch right in plain view of the road next to Dallor General. I have to admit they where a little wet but the perfect size for all my shipping needs. I decided to stock-up on a bunch and I quickly returned home to finish packing up my plates for a show called "Clay 3".

Here is the box and yes I know it looks a little stuffed and beat-up but I always feel good that I don't go out and buy new boxes and packing material. One reason for this is I don't want to add that expense onto my business cost and two I like to recycle with my newspaper, old peanuts people send me and boxes that are just being tossed out.

I'm I the only person that hates peanuts out there in the packing world? To me they are like that game "hot potato". As soon as I get some I try to ship them out to someone else the next day because they are just so messy! And if my kids see them....well...its curtains for my studio and the yard.

Anyways back to packing...the biggest issue of my packing day was the cost once I went to UPS to send this guy out. LORD, I nearly fell over backwards when I found out how much shipping has gone up in the last two weeks!

Good lesson for me.....charge more for my pieces going to juried shows to pay the ridiculous cost of shipping them there.

Tomorrow is a clay making/throwing day. YAH!


Ron said...

Damn that thing might explode! Hope you double checked the zip code. I screwed up shipping my stuff last week. AGGGGGGGH

Emily Murphy said...

I think our pieces will be in the same show :)

I also hate packing peanuts. But I have gained new appreciation for them. I learned a little tip from Baltimore Clay Works. They suggest putting peanuts in a bag and use them as little pillows around your work. No more mess because they are sealed in a bag. I used to avoid them, but now I'm finding them sort of useful.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Let's hope the drop in gas prices translates to a reduction in shipping costs soon! Best wishes on the show!

Dave said...

Next time you're in the market for boxes, you should try UsedCardboardBoxes.com. Free shipping to your door on moving kit or small box orders, and great customer service. I have been very satisfied in my dealings with UCB in the past, and recommend them to everyone. Definitely worth checking out.

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks David and Emily both of those are great tips!
Thats what I love about a blog, you learn so much from people who live all over the place.

Jen Mecca said...

When I pack a box...it can bounce!