Feeling Like Monday

Since the kids where home with me for 4 days plus the weekend, my concept of the days of the week are completed off. Today is Tuesday but in my mind its Monday. I felt like I was teaching on a Sunday Night when I drove into Charlotte last night!

Today I got back in the swing of things. Yesterday I took a few shots of the items I worked on while at Vicki this weekend. Today I finished up some twin vases and organized the studio a bit more. Here are some pillow tiles and mugs.

The kids had a good break. Here is a shot from yesterday.

The girls had a friend over and Quaid was busy making his outdoor "concoctions" with various liquids I allow him to have from the inside and organic material he finds outside. He really wants to create some kind of explosion or smoke when he gets going on one of his "experiment days". I don't dare tell him that vinegar mixed with oil and some food coloring really won't do that much. And yes... he has gone through a bunch of my baking soda so making fake volcano's has been done!


Deb said...

My son used to do the same thing. He called them potions. He was really into it for a while. One famous potion contained milk and he left it in the closet for some time to see what would happen. You can imagine.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Pillow tiles look interesting! Looking forward to seeing how those turn out. Hope you post the finished work!...

Quaid's concoctions brought back memories of our son's science "experiments." In fact, just yesterday (in the midst of our moving), I came across his old science fair exhibit board, in which he compared how high different things would bounce when flung against a strange little trampoline thing he made from Saran Wrap. We tried to steer him into doing some other, more "academic" type of experiment, but he's always been his own man and insisted on doing it all himself... I'm alternately pleased/chagrined to say that he's now 23 and still following the beat of his own drum!

Blaine M. Avery said...

okay, you're all scaring me...my two year old is just learning to take things apart with his screwdriver...i can only imagine what's to come!!!! :)

Jen Mecca said...

Its so great to be in the middle of "boyhood". I get to hear what I have to look forward to and laugh at what I've already dealt with!

Boys are so much fun. Kids in general are just funny.