Saturday Post

Its 10pm and everything is silent in our house except for me typing away. I thought I'd turn in early this evening and give my body some much needed rest. Of course I have to end my evening with a few minutes on the computer.

We've had a great weekend so far. Friday night Joey and I got to spend sometime together at the opening for a Circle of Eight show at Lark and Key gallery. Ron Philbeck has some great photo's from the show up on his blog so please go look. It is a very nice gallery and the gallery crawl was fun. After the opening a few of us went out to dinner and had a good time.

Our big event today was going to the Cleveland County Fair in Shelby Nc. Ron last year talked about the fair so I thought as a parent it was high time to go visit the pigs, cows, bake goods and rides so my children would not miss out on such lasting memories I have as a kid. When I was a child my grandparents lived right behind the NY State Fairgrounds so every year I could not wait for my grandmother to take me and my sister for a whole day of fun and fair food! Today brought back memories of how my grandmother never would take us "down to the midway" because she was always scared the some Carney would steal us. I have to admit, being one with the huge imagination, I was holding on to everyone hands pretty tight.

Here are some photo's from today. I think everyone had fun. We figured out soon that you needed to take a second mortgage on your house to REALLY have fun at the fair. But we managed to let everyone ride one ride and pick one type of fair food.

Tomorrow we have birthday parties to get to, football games and of course more studio work. Next week is firing time in the studio for the Barn Sale.


Ron said...

Did you play Fat Albert???

Jen Mecca said...

WE did! That rat did'nt even run anywhere...wait till Joey tells you about the " Haunted Castle"! Jen

Ron said...

He ran in the hole didn't he? I love Fat Albert.

Jen Mecca said...

Yah! But I thought he'd run around for while, not just duck down right after they let him out of the cup? The kids never got to see him he was so quick. Poor rat, I guess I'd want to get down in something if I was spun around on a wheel as well...Jen