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Yesterday I got clay made and cleaned, packed and separated pots to this place, that place and the other. Sad day...no throwing. The evening was spent at Book club talking about a book called " The Double Bind" by Chris Bohjalian. I joined book club after many of my mom friends kept asking me to come. I can always use the excuse that I have to work at night but I know I need a good balance of things in my life so I signed on. For the most part I think I can only get through about 3 books a year but I do try to keep up via books on tape and the Internet. I enjoy the discussions and always think that in the later years in life I'll have more time to sit around and enjoy a book in my free time. I'm enjoying see Quaid laying around his bed after school and on the weekends engrossed in one of his books. Joey and my father are both big readers so I hope this is a family trait that my kids will inherit. It took a long time for me to enjoy books growing up.

Today I'm here for the morning grading tests and doing my usual morning world-wind clean-up, back to Gastonia at noon, off to shop and do parent teacher conference than back for dinner time. TONIGHT I can throw. Mugs and butter dishes are first on my list I think. ( But true to form I can change my course of action depending on which way the wind is blowing.) We'll see what I come up with!

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Big Al said...

Jen, you are one busy person! Time for ourselves is always important, but like all things, in moderation. Can't wait to see those butter dishes!