Fresh Pots

I really liked that way my kiln came out today. Not one second which always is such a relief and only a tiny bit of grinding so that is good as well. Here are some shots for you.

New mugs. Nothing to fancy so I can charge a good price. I decided since the economy is in such a wreck that I wanted to make some smaller items for gifts people could afford.
Here are some mixing bowls. They are not meant to be stacked but I liked the way they looked together.

Raven pots.

Small covered jars.
Plates. My amber is pretty yellow this go around because I ran out of the colorant I use for this glaze and had to skimp on the measurement. I do miss the amber, but I think some people will like this color also.


Becky said...

Jen, your glazes always astound me. So so beautiful!
Will see you Saturday!

Big Al said...

Wow! I was looking at the pots and was amazed at the warm yellow color and thinking "how does she get that warm yellow" and then I read that you are apologizing for it! Never, ever do that. I love this color and look forward to seeing your pots live in November! The mugs are exceptional with the great colors and lines. Those would be awesome gifts for any one...It's got me thiking about Christmas presents already!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Love these Jen! I hope the sale went well for you. I'm just catching up on my blog reading, but sure seems like these should be selling well. Are you wire-cutting and smoothing the tops of the mugs to get that scalloped edge?

Deb said...

Hi jen, your pots look great. i am interested in your statement that there is nothing too fancy about the mugs and so you can sell them cheaply. I see them as quite intricate and time consuming and would assume you would not be able to sell them cheaply. Would you mind telling what you would charge for one of the coffee mugs? I know my current work is incredibly time consuming to glaze, and I am trying to figure where my prices should be set.