Decorating( But Pots Still On The Brain)

My day was spent under a pile of greenery in my front room. I always make my own garland and wreaths for the house and you know , I can not just do a simple wreath! What an enjoyable day listening to music and watching a movie while I worked. Not much different than when I make pots. As of today I couldn't even walk through my studio because of all the mess. This evening I had to pack up pots to send off and take to various galleries around here that consign my work. In December I always figure there are last minute shoppers so I like to spread around anything I have left over. This year I have a lot! I kept a good amount of stuff here at home with me, just in case anyone wanted to come by and shop.
Even though I've been making wreaths, watching movies, chatting on the phone, playing with the kids and enjoying a night of not rushing through bookclub....my pots are always there in the back of my head.
You'll see that I cleared my calendar for the month. I do have shows booked for the spring so I'm slowly working out details and ideas in my head for when I get started again. Planning is good. My mind needs to work and my body needs that break.
Tomorrow is a day of deliveries and having lunch with my pottery friends here in Charlotte. I'm looking forward to a good day!


Meagan Chaney Gumpert said...

You make your own greenery! I'm impressed!

Glad to hear that your enjoying a bit of a break, and letting yourself regroup and refocus. Happy Holidays!

Jen Mecca said...

Hi Meagan,
Yes, I do! It saves alot of money and since we live in an old section of town, I need to keep up with "The Jones" even though our house is the smallest on the block. Now..If I could just learn how to make those fruit wreaths you see around Williamburg! (...well, maybe not)
Have a great Holiday! jen

Big Al said...

Jen, sorry for the late comment. It has been VERY hectic around here. The butter dish is awesome! It is a big hit with my family. We all adore it. Thanks for saving it for me. Moving a child into their own home should not be such an ordeal! But she is on her own and loving her new condo. I had a chance to look around and while I saw some interesting items, nothing compared to my butter dish! All the best to you and yours this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!