Shipping During the Holidays

About a week ago this box came back from a show I was in the Chicago Illinois area. I was kind happy to know that the contents inside the box came back home for a visit. Yah...its great to sell stuff but sometimes I like to see it again and make sure I'm as happy with the way the pieces looked when I sent them out as when they come back to me. Its sort of like seeing old pots that someone has bought from you years ago. You have to pick them, look at that glaze application, check out how the foot looks and see if you like the form. I'm I the only crazy one who does things like this? ( I think not............)

Anyways, I was so sad to see that all three plates where broken but packed correctly. I guess at the holidays, UPS is so busy that things really do get thrown around. I guess for those of you who are still packing up stuff and shipping them all over this great world of ours...be extra careful!

Today I'm off to Holiday party #2 for my Kindergartners. This Friday those two little girls of mine have been invited to no less then 3 Christmas "Get-together"! The hustle and bustle of the season keeps moving me along.

This evening I am planning on doing a little cleaning in my studio and posting some photo's of great pots I still have in stock just in case anyone needs a Jen Mecca pot for last minute gifts!


Brian said...

I was in my local UPS Store last week to pick up some things, and all the temps they'd hired for the holidays made me cringe.

I used to supervise shipping for a mail order musical instrument company. We always took extra care, but sometimes you'd swear the box got run over by the truck, or dropped out of the jet at 10,000 ft.

chaetoons said...

Thanks for sharing this Jen.
There's a cup i've put a lot of work into that i want to ship to Germany but have hesitated to do so until after Christmas . . . .
Have been trying to convince myself i'm just being silly about the delay but after reading your post this morning figure maybe my fears are justified!
Thanks for sharing

Bob said...

Sorry to hear those plates were broken in transit. Having worked for a delivery company in the past, I can tell you that during busy periods like now, the general thinking is "make the deadline", not "make sure it gets there in one piece." Harsh reality, but that's generally the case everywhere. I just sent a framed picture to someone as a Christmas present, only to find out the glass was broken in transit by USPS, despite taking every precaution I could've short of delivering it myself.

Oh, and thanks for the tip on UsedCardboardBoxes.com! I saw that somewhere on your blog, used them for my move, and they were fantastic. The boxes were in great shape, and I saved a small fortune. Thanks again, I can't tell you how helpful that was!