Email Only A Potter Would Love

I got this email last week from my friend Lisa Oakley about a second sale at Cedar Creek. Here is what Brad Tucker put about his seconds and as always, it made me laugh. I thought I'd share it since I don't think Brad posted this on his blog.
( BT, if your reading this I hope you don't mind that I shared with the rest of the world the your gift for words. Jen-a-mec)

9 am- until it's all gone.
I have these gems to offer and more: mistakes, bad ideas, curiosities, mental lapses and warped masterpieces. Many items feature: odd glazes, surface blemishes, ill-fitted lids, wierd colors, badly rendered surface decoration, lumpy shapes, scarred bottoms, minor undulations, and unstable feet. A few of these works are utter failures! (you'll be able to spot them). Yet, they are all lovable and usable, and if the ware is held at the proper angle and in a favorable light, these minor flaws are practically undetecable! And, they are all for sale at very reasonable prices.

Please come and bring a friend, if you like.
All sales are final, no haggling, bickering, profanity or thievery will be tolerated.
Sorry, but there will be no free gift wrap or personal engraving.
Doors open at 9 am, so if you arrive early, bring a warm coat because it is going to be cold outside!
With my best wishes,
The olde potter


Becky said...

"The Olde Potter" really does have a way with words! Reading that post brought such a smile!

Ron said...

That's great!