Hen House Photo's

My husband makes me laugh whenever he does a post on my blog. I went to put something up the other night about the Hen House Sale and he calmly told me that he already had posted it. When I read , "Everything must Go!", I knew exactly what he is thinking.

"Please lord..no more packing and unpacking pots and pottery displays for awhile!"

Well today marked the end of the what I like to call "The gift buying season". I am done for a few weeks but I am happy to say that the Hen House Sale was by far one of the funnest shows of the year. Good friends, good food and very, very festive atmosphere. Here are some photo's from the set up!
Here is where we had a Hen House Sale with a big bonfire and a food tent outside ( complete with wine and hot cider).Here is the start of my set-up. Over to the left is my friend Terry Shipley's work.Here is my friend Colleen who does wonderful jewelry and has two very talented children. One is the budding black smith the other makes wonderful felted things.
Here is the shop almost all set-up complete with fresh cut Christmas tree from the woods in back of the barn.


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

So glad the show went well! Mostly, that you had fun! My sister and I participated in a merchants' "Hospitality Night" on Thursday and it was so much fun. A few sales, but mostly visiting and laughs... I love your Hen House. That must have been great with the bonfire and food tent.

Becky said...

That looks like it was so much fun and so festive! I did miss you at the Clayworks Holiday Sale though. Have a wonderful holiday, Jen!

Ron said...

Jen, this does look like the perfect place to have a yearly sale. It could really become something big I bet. Hopefully you all will do it again next year with increased crowds and sales. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.