It Came Without Packages, Boxes or Bags!

So, what have I been doing for the days I have not been blogging. Well...I've been shopping. I usually always start shopping for Christmas stuff pretty early but this year the funds where not there so I had to wait until we got everyone paid off for the month and then could budget out what was left for the family cheer. I am also a bargain hound these days so I frequent certain stores for toys and gift for the family. Does the word "Tuesday Morning" ring a bell for anyone out there? Yesterday Quaid and I spent the day with the crowds and yes, I do mean crowds. I guess that since in past years I've got most of my stuff done early, I really haven't dealt with the Christmas rush. I have been on the other end of it dealing with all those hungry shoppers. I'd like to say that was when I was in my booth at a show, but sadly it was when I worked at a Mall when I was a teen and young adult . ( Don't tell anyone!)

At any rate, I'm getting almost there but I still have some more to do. Joey and I spent the evening searching Amazon for that perfect Lego set for Quaid.
Boy am I pooped dealing with all the crowds and traffic! I'm curious to see what the news finally says about this holiday season. It looks pretty busy to me!
I promise I'll get back to some pottery talk soon...just give me a bit of a vacation and I'll be back on board soon. I had lunch with my pottery folks the other day and that was good. We talked making sinks. Infact I hope Amy Sanders put some of her sinks that she is making up on her blog!
Like I said, pots are always there lurking in the back of mind...churning up thoughts and ideas....after Christmas the sketch book will come out for a bit.

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Becky said...

I worked at a mall myself./ Two, in fact. So I won't tell if you don't. ;)