Piles.......Of Nuts

( How can you go wrong with a title like that?)

So, I'm still cleaning my head out. I think I've gotten two "piles" taken care of and I'm slowly working on the rest. I guess I could say that each room I've tackled in my house or project I've put off and finally gotten to, has been a way of thinking through things I've haven't figured out up until now. Or.... maybe I just haven't given myself time to heal from stuff, forgiven myself for things, or spoken about to anyone. I'm sure this all sounds like big, emotional stuff but really...its just stuff we all deal with, inner demons we all have. I like to think of them as little me's dressed in outlandish red devil suits poking away at my head. That images seems much more amusing to me and I can envision myself 10 pounds lighter than!

I always feel this way after Christmas or maybe a little bit before. I told my husband last night after purging some thoughts that I think its just hard to have a creative brain because you really do think and feel so many emotions and everything around you gets caught up in your senses. I sort of stopped there with that phase and statement. He listened, smiled and left me to my thoughts.

So, why talk about nuts you ask? Well, I'm sure I've stated before that we live in an old pecan grove. Every two years is pecan season in our neighborhood and the "picking" of the nuts starts around Thanksgiving. We go out as much as we can each day and hunt for nuts. So far we have picked up about 3 glaze bucket loads and there are more to come as you can see by this shots of the tree tops. Today was a great day to be outside with my "head piles" and pick up nuts with the kids.

Tomorrow, as you all know is New Years Eve. I feel like I need to post something momentous on here...we'll see!


Pauline said...

Jan, the easiest and best way I have found to clear up any thoughts I might have that cause pain, anxiety, anger, (anything negative) is a very simple process outlined by Byron Katie. Check her out on the web and YouTube. One of the triggers that works for me to tell when I am getting an unhealthy thought is when I think: I "should", he "should", they "should (or substitute the word "shouldn't"), I know it is time for me to Do the Work on those thoughts and it is a key to telling me I am not accepting reality---what is. Byron Katie's approach is simple (maybe some would say too simple), but The Work works!
Hope this helps and Have a very happy New Year.

Jen Mecca said...

Thank you Pauline..I will look that up! Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I wanted to wish you a very nutty Happy New Year. Your blog has been great inspiration to me this year. I am new at this pottery thing, but have a great passion for it. 2009 is going to be a great year for Creativity in my life. I too am bloggin about this new world of mine! If you get a chance you might want to take a peek. http://emptynestart.wordpress.com/