Covered Jar Slump

I had a student ask me a few weeks ago to make an Urn for her mother. She requested one sort of like the one below. I have made these sort of covered pots for about two years now. I started to throw some of these this week and got very bored by the form.

I found myself looking at other lidded forms and wanting something different. Oh..its hard when you have a mind that can not stay on task and always has a need to wonder. I guess its sort of like that saying when someone is cheating on another....he/she has a "wondering eye".

So, I've been spinning my wheels these last few days and nights in the studio. I have managed to move ahead on getting some pots bisqued, but when it come to making stuff its been ruff. I have a tendency to give up when I've hit some sort of "potters slump" ( get it...writers slump..potters slump..haha). This evening I started on some relish jars. These too are covered jars and I am creating a new form with these as well but they seem safe to me rather than a big 6 pound mound of clay that has to have a lid and sit on a shelf.
Round and round and round the mind spins..where its going to stop
no-one knows........

I'll keep you posted!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I guess I am lucky--I get out to the open studios at Cornell to work, which feels like a vacation, working alongside a lot of different ideas.

Jen Mecca said...

Hey. I just found out that my parents are getting a lake house for a week up there this summer. I'm so excited for my kids to see where I grew up!

"The Commons" here we come!

Scott Smith said...

I really like this covered jar a LOT. And a nice photo too, did you take it?