Monday...I am Here!

I just sat down for a little lunch and my usual computer "check " time. If you ever want to find me around 12:30 or so, here I am sitting and checking on my students and finding out what everyone is up to on the world wide web.

Joey last night made some wonderful minestrone soup. Here I am with a big bowl of it. ( Note..the is a Ronan Peterson bowl..which I love!) That hubby of mind, he's great. If you want the recipe just put some shout-outs on the blog and maybe we can sweet talk him into a post about the soup. It is sooooo good!

So, I did unload my kiln on Friday and I had a few gems and some re fires and a few flops..literally. My compote's decided to lean a bit in the kiln so I need to figure out if it was the height of all the levels I put together or my clay body. Oh..that clay body issue. I keep telling myself I really don't have time to deal with it, but it seems to be catching up with me. I'm at the point in my career where I can make almost everything I try to throw but if my clay body is not doing what I want it to , than I just go to the next shape. This is isn't good..I know.

Anyways, I'm plugging along in my studio this week. Today I made some cookie jars, platters and I'm still making companions for my various pots who are missing there "loved ones".

Time to sign off and hop in the car for errands and kid pick-up. I sent everyone out with a hug and kiss this morning after a week of Spring Break. They where happy to go to school and I was happy to have some quiet. A few hours away from them and I'm ready to see there little bouncy bodies and happy faces.
Fancy big mugs! Maybe some Irish coffee?My boxes. I'm always so happy when my boxes come out of the kiln because they take so long to make.

I made three set's of bottles. These are my favorite. ( There is third one way behind here) Sorry for the glare. I'm starting to use some colored clay for my springs! Behind the bottles are some egg cups that also came out well.


Linda Starr said...

Beautiful spring colors on your bottles, mugs and jars, they look like Monet paintings, very lovely.

Blind Fly Theater said...

Jen, these vessels are amazing. I would love to hold these as the combined tactile and visual experience would be satisfying. You have really developed your craft, and I appreciate your sharing. I know how long and diligently you must work to complete these magnificent pieces, and that taking careful photos just adds more time and energy... but I would encourage you to do so, for it is the icing on the cake. That said, if you only have the time to take quick photos, having these is much better than none (for I would not have been able to appreciate your talent) Thank you for sharing... David