Arts in the Park

We made it home safe and sounds from Blowing Rock this evening. I'll be off to bed soon after a full day of selling. Sales where pretty good and lots of familiar faces came by to say Hi today, which is always wonderful. We left here at 4am so, now that its pushing 9...I think I better catch up on some much needed sleep. More tomorrow!


Ron said...

Wish we could have came by while in the area, but we were pressed for time to make it to the reunion. It was nice and cool up there wasn't it? A good break from the hest.

Ron said...


Jen Mecca said...

Oh, I like "HEST" much better!jen

cookingwithgas said...

I enjoyed talking to you and hope to see you again sometime!
Best- Meredith
And the weather was delicious was it not!??
It was not hest at all!

Jen Mecca said...

Hi Meredith!
( Ah, you tricked me with the Cookingwithgas post!)
Good to meet you also. I did get up with Laura today. Thank you so much for coming by my booth!