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I've been searching the web for some more inspiration for my surface decoration this week. I really love all the detail in Islamic art. The colors and the slightly altered shapes of the flowers just really pull me in.

Since I'm slowly adding accents to my work I'm trying to get a feel for adding layers of things together. On the rootbeer glasses that I made I have a colored porcelain sprig with a red accent dot on top. My next batch of pots, I'm going to take the terra sig that I mixed up and reverse the application making the overall pot terr sig and the flowers glaze. When I tested the opposite, having the flowers the terra sig there was to much running and the point of having the floral design on the piece just fell flat.

Like I said, I got alot of information from that last group of pots I made. I'm still extremely nervous about seeing the whole group this evening. Sometimes small changes you know are not always recognized by others. Also new forms always bring up questions in my mind after I see them displayed with group of my other work. We'll see what happens this evening. I'll take some photo's and get them up soon.

Final note, my USB cable for my new camera has a glitch in it, which is a bummer. Tomorrow we will be taking the whole crew to Charlotte for July 4th and I'm hoping to hop into the camera store to see what they can tell me.

Today in our 100+ year old house..lots of excitement is going on. We are getting our old, saggy kitchen floor taken out and a new one put in. Joey is extremely excited and wound up about this so between my opening and the new kitchen floor, we are quit an anxious crew.

Quaid and I are off for a bike ride because the day is gorgeous. This will surely do all of us some good! ( We'll atleast 2 of us, we'll see if we can get the other three out and to the pool for some relaxation.)

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barbara chadwick said...

I hope you had a great opening. Sorry I couldn't make it. I definitely want to see your new pieces and will make a trip up there soon.